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About us

Little Adventurers | Organic Store is an online store focused on natural, organic and minimalist products for the little ones. We curate brands with an ethical and sustainable production, bringing the best products for our babies and children.


Why buy organic?

  • Organic materials are less agressive for babies and children’s skin, because the creation process involves less toxic chemicals (the organic cotton is not treated, bleached or dyed.
  • Organic materials are a better investment long-term due to its quality and durability. While normal cotton shows signs of usage after a few washes, organic cotton can be washed up considerably more times before it shows any sign.
  • Not only due to its creation process, but also considering the waste reduction thanks to its durability, organic materials are much more eco-friendly.


Why organic products are more expensive?

  • The production of organic cotton is more expensive because it doesn’t involve pesticides or pre-treated seeds (which increase the speed of germination). The overall process is therefore slower and requires a more intense monotoring.
  • Because organic cotton represents only a small fraction of the market when compared with the industry that works with normal cotton, the produced quantities are fewer and therefore the prices of the final products are higher.


Our aim is to increase the visibility of amazing brands that invest in more ethical materials for all its benefits, reinforcing the importance of buying organic.