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Bamboo Mug 3 Pack (Fog/Beet/Ocean)
Bamboo Mug 3 Pack (Fog/Beet/Ocean)
Bamboo Mug 3 Pack (Fog/Beet/Ocean)

Bamboo Mug 3 Pack (Fog/Beet/Ocean)

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A 3-pack of mugs in the colors Fog, Beet and Ocean. It is perfect to use with the 3-pack bowls and for the smallest family members use with the pipe lid and the feeding spoons . Your whole family will love these mugs as they are light and the ideal size for both tiny childrens hands and for grown ups. Perfect for picnics, your evening tea in the couch or messy lunches with your children.

These products are made from organic bamboo, recycled from the waste created in bamboo chop sticks production.

CINK was created to provide stylish and environmentally friendly  dinnerware for your baby, toddler or child. With a palette of 5 gender neutral colors, it perfectly complements the modern home and is suited to all ages in your family. 

Caring instructions: these products are suitable for hot and cold foods and liquids. Do not microwave. Since they are made of natural bamboo material, handwash is recommended for best results. Please note that although bamboo dinnerware is durable and won't smash like ceramics, it can chip or break if dropped on a hard surface.

*Sippy lid is not included