Babynest in Night Sky
Babynest in Night Sky
Babynest in Night Sky

Babynest in Night Sky

Born Copenhagen
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The babynests created by BORN Copenhagen are designed to offer the best  beginning of life for newborn babies. 

Including a firm 3 cm foam mattress, this design allows to hide the strings that adjust the size of the nest, ensuring the babies' security.  

The mattress, covered with a fabric that enhances its durability, can easily be taken off whenever you wish to wash the nest.

Why choose a babynest?

Babynests help our babies to feel more secure when laying down, thanks to the soft sides that surround the baby, providing a feel of cosiness and  contributing for a more relaxed sleep.

They can be used in the crib, stroller of even in the sofa while you are in the living room.

They made with 100% certified organic cotton and can be used from 0 until around months old.

Size: inside 70x31cm, outside 80x46cm.