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Packaging, packaging, packaging

I'm a total sucker for packaging.

I'm pretty sure my daughter will be one of those kids that prefer to play with the box than with the toy inside it.

I'm also a firm believer that the shopping experience only ends when the item arrives at our hands. So of course that when launching our own store one of the main things to plan for was... the packaging of our orders. I knew it needed to be sustainable (as possible) but it also needed to be beautiful and show the love we put into every order.

So after much research we found the perfect bundle... at least for now!

We use recycled tissue paper, recycled card boxes that can easily be recycled or reused and even our business cards (that we use to send a little thank-you-note on every order) are made of recycled cotton t-shirts. How cool is that?!

Any suggestions to improve are more than welcome!